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A plague on both your houses

When you walked into the voting booth on Tuesday, November 6, did you do so with a feeling of calm certainty that the man who would get your vote for President was unquestionably the best choice, or even the only possible choice?  Did you feel confident that your candidate’s political party fully supports your political views as well as your personal values?

For many physicians, I suspect that the answer to those questions was not a resounding “yes”.  Perhaps more so than in any previous election that I can recall, there were elements in each party’s platform that many thoughtful physicians might have a hard time accepting.  The extreme left and right wing contingents within the Democratic and Republican parties argue for wildly different policies, but does either of them truly represent the best interests of our profession or our patients?

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I should be exactly the kind of voter you’re trying to attract, but you’re making it nearly impossible for me to vote for the Republican presidential candidate in November.

My husband and I both work full time, we still have two children in college, and our lifestyle is far from extravagant.  He drives a Mustang; I drive a Volvo big enough that our 100-pound family dog can ride in the back instead of on the car roof like Mitt Romney’s dog.

The last thing we want is higher taxes, yet we feel an obligation to help those less fortunate than ourselves.  Against my economic self-interest, I’ve voted Democratic quite a few times, with one notable exception.  I couldn’t bring myself to vote for John Edwards, the former plaintiff’s attorney, and couldn’t support George Bush either, so I didn’t vote for president at all in 2004.

Barack Obama got my vote in 2008, but I’ve been deeply unhappy with the Obama presidency ever since, despite its initial promise.  Why would his administration decide to push through the misguided Affordable Care Act when there were so many other pressing problems like the economy? Obama had a brilliant chance to use his political capital to create jobs and rebuild the country’s failing infrastructure, but he let that moment slip away.

The Obama administration appears to be completely hostile toward physicians and the practice of medicine.  The clear agenda is to cut payments to physicians and replace them with mid-level health care personnel.  If your goal is to dictate all health care policy from Washington, the last thing you want is to have to deal with physicians who are accustomed to making the best individual decisions for their patients from a background of scientific knowledge.  You want less educated workers who will follow your dictates without question.

I really would like to vote Republican this time around.  All I ask for is a reasonable candidate, but so far I’ve been disappointed.

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