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Anesthesia for Dummies

Really, sir.  What were you thinking?

I’m talking to you—the anesthesia provider (I hate to think that you might be an anesthesiologist) who allowed himself to be videotaped while a patient injected his own induction dose of propofol.  Most people know something about propofol even if they aren’t in the anesthesia business–that’s the medication that Dr. Conrad Murray gave Michael Jackson to everyone’s sorrow.

I would insert the link here, but the video has been removed from YouTube.

Apparently the patient, a young man in his late teens or early twenties, needed anesthesia and decided it would be great fun if he could give his own drugs and film the adventure.  “Jackass” comes to the operating room.

The video shows the young man lying on an operating table with an anesthesia machine and monitors in view.  A tall, middle-aged man in blue scrubs, with a mask dangling around his neck, puts a pulse oximeter on the patient’s finger and hands him a 20-cc syringe of what appears to be propofol.  The young man starts to inject it and pushes the first 10 cc into the IV tubing, then laughs and says he feels dizzy.  He’s told to finish the injection, which he does, barely.  Then his eyes roll back.

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