Defining “A Penned Point”

This is a time of unprecedented change–in technology, medicine, and social media.  My work in medical centers across the U.S., from Connecticut to California, gives me a national perspective.  I know how hard it can be to do justice to the dual–and often conflicting–roles of physician and mother.  The articles and posts of A Penned Point explore the politics of medicine, current controversies, women in medicine, and other personal observations.


This was an interesting/brief story of your Christmas incident.
I didn’t even realize that this had happened to you. But, of course I never see you at work and obviously the splint on your
hand either. I know you love your work but I do understand why
your colleagues said that this would be your ticket OUT! At times
it can be a very trying. But,life is all about experiencing the good with the bad…so on we GO GIRL!!!
Take Care and be good to yourself.
Chi Chi



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